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New School in Beverlywood: Green Beginning Community Preschool

by on February 25, 2011

Location, location, location! In addition to being the primary concern when choosing a home, it’s also incredibly important to consider location when choosing a preschool.

When Green Beginning Community Preschool opened at 3047-49 Robertson Boulevard, Beverlywood Green Beginnings Pre School1 288x300 New School in Beverlywood: Green Beginning Community Preschool residents gained a fabulous new school option. This was especially beneficial at a time when the preschools at Canfield and Castle Heights could potentially be closing due to LAUSD budget cuts.

Founded by three experienced ex-Temple Isaiah teachers and administrators, Green Beginning opened in February 2010. Their goal was to create not only a school, but a community where educators and parents could collaborate to build a loving and unique environment.

Their philosophy includes:

  • Positive Relationships
  • Constructivism and Play Theory
  • Multi-Intelligence Educational Approach
  • Child’s Connection to the World
  • Strong Home-School Bond

The facility was totally remodeled to promote an environmentally conscious community with a very homey feel. Every Friday the children celebrate Earth Day through art, drama, reading and other creative methods. Children 2-6 are welcome during the regular class hours of 9:00-12:00 or extended enrichment which goes until 2:30. The program will continue throughout the summer.

I know that I wanted a place for my kids to learn, share, work in groups and become independent learners. My husband and I understand that it’s important to feel connected to the other families and the teachers at the school you choose. I also wanted a school close to our home so I could get there quickly and as often as possible.

Green Beginning is a small, loving program which teaches toddlers and preschoolers socialization and communication skills in a supportive manner. Contact Veronica Cabello M.A. at 310-841-6100 or www.greenbeginningpreschool.comĀ for more information and schedules.

Did you attend preschool in this area? What do you feel are the most important skills that children need before beginning elementary school? I welcome your input so please leave your comments below.

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Lee Zamos is working with Partners Trust and Jenny Savitsky after 25 years in advertising and marketing. She lives in Beverlywood with her husband and two children and is very active in the community. She can be reached at

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