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4 Pros (and 2 Cons) to Living in a Homeowners Association Neighborhood

by on April 10, 2011

Living in a Homeowners Association Neighborhood has its pros and cons.  Despite its regulations however, the benefits of being a part of an effectively maintained and intimate community make Beverlywood an ideal place for many families to call home.

Living in HOA Photo 227x300 4 Pros (and 2 Cons) to Living in a Homeowners Association NeighborhoodMost people know that when one buys a condominium, the homeowner will have to pay dues to support the entire complex. These fees are put into a communal fund to cover expenses like renovations, liability insurance and the general upkeep of the building.

However, what many people do not realize is that there are Single Family Residence communities such as Beverlywood where homeowners are also required to pay dues to a Homeowners Association (HOA), which are put toward the well being of the community.

So, what are the benefits of living in a HOA?

  1. Well maintained homes.
  2. Well maintained common areas.
  3. Decreased nuisance activities.
  4. Community bonding and open communication amongst neighbors.

What is the downside to living in an HOA?

  1. Definitive rules regarding the construction and appearance of the homes. For example, there are no fences allowed in front of homes in Beverlywood. Air conditioning units are not allowed on roofs unless a variance is issued. If a variance is issued, the unit must not be visible from the street. Paint colors must also be approved if the new color is not a previously approved color.
  2. The HOA Board decides and interprets the law. In most cases, their decisions are binding.

When you live in a Homeowner Association Neighborhood, you tend to have slightly less freedom to do what you want with your home. However, you are a member of a tight knit community and if any problems arise, you have a venue to voice your concerns regarding your neighbors and your neighborhood that doesn’t involve the police.

In my experience living in Beverlywood has been great. Everyone knows going into the purchase of their home that these are the rules established by the HOA and they tend to follow them because they want their fellow neighbors to do the same. However, I do enjoying walking in the adjacent neighborhoods and seeing the different architecture and landscapes that are allowed in neighborhoods not governed by an HOA.

What has been your experience living in an HOA? If you don’t yet, does it sound like something that appeals to you? I would love to hear your thoughts so please leave your comments below.

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Jenny Savitsky is a HAFA-certified Associate Partner at Partners Trust Real Estate. She is a community expert in her own neighborhood of Beverlywood, where she has called home for over 15 years. You can email Jenny via


Comments   |   Add Yours »

  1. F. Ron Smith says:


    Are homeowners dues tax deductible?
    Are special assessments tax deductible?

    Not sure how that works. Thanks.


  2. Jessica Griffiths says:

    It sounds like a nice idea- to be a part of such a well monitored and maintained community, but i’m just not sure I like the sound of all the restrictions. I’m sure it looks really nice, but I’d like to paint my house when I’m feeling so inclined. I’d probably regret the color choice after though and wish I’d stayed with one of those HOA approved tones.

  3. Jenny Savitsky says:

    Hello, HOA dues are not deductible. Assessments, however I am not sure of and I would suggest you contact you tax advisor regarding that possible deduction.

  4. Jenny Savitsky says:

    A lot of people feel the way you do when it comes to making changes to their home. They own it so why shouldn’t they be able to do whatever they want. I would love to put a picket fence in front of my house but since I live in Beverlywood HOA, I am not allowed to do it.

  5. Magnus Hellberg says:

    I like living in a HOA area, sure it has restrictions but that can be good sometimes.

  6. BWR says:

    I can’t wait to move out of the community.

    • Jenny Savitsky says:

      I have been really happy living here for 15 years. What about it don’t you like? What would you change to make
      it better?

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